Christian Montoya's Web Lab

Welcome to my web lab, where I share demonstrations, tutorials, examples, and open-source designs. Read on to see all the things I have here, and when you are done make sure to visit my blog.


Custom Parser for Comma-delimited Numbers with jQuery Tablesort
I needed jQuery tablesort to support comma-delimited numbers, so I extended it with my own parser.


A CSS Walkthrough
A complete CSS walkthrough from sketch to completed page design.
Hot Dates with CSS
How to make small calendar blocks for your blog entries and more with CSS.
Better Form Input Fields
Making compact forms without hurting accessibility.


Craigslist Redesign
I took the excellent Craigslist redesign made by the guys at Neubix Studios and made a few improvements of my own.

Open-source templates & designs

My first open source design. A compact layout with a single column for content and a small floated navigation. Bright colors on dark.
Farm Fresh
My second open source design. A liquid layout with a navigation column and a content column. Varying shades of green on white.

Christian Montoya