Would you like to buy this domain?

Let's start the bidding at $100 The current high bid is $1,100. Email your bids to sirokai@gmail.com. I will update this page with each new bid. Bidding ends on Friday, Sept 22 at 11:59:59 PM EST. At that time, payment will be collected via Paypal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum and the domain will be transferred to the highest bidder.

Happy bidding!

p.s. I'm more than happy to do escrow

p.p.s. I'm well aware that the highest bid for this domain when it was in limbo on GoDaddy was over $1,000. If someone wants to buy this domain, they should buy it from me, the guy who supported it and paid for it for years. I think that's fair.

Bid History
Bid Date
$1,100 2017-09-21
$1,000 2017-09-21
$500 2017-09-16
$100 2017-09-15

Archived original site is below...

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